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Savor authentic Mediterranean dishes in Quinta do Lago

At The Magnolia Hotel restaurant and bar in Quinta do Lago, we bring you a Mediterranean experience to fall in love with. Enjoy the tastiest dishes made from local and seasonal produce in the colourful poolside restaurant. With a fresh and relaxed vibe, this colourful corner of the hotel is where you can taste authentic flavours of the Portuguese southern coast, order your favourite drink and feel at home with our friendly team...

The Magnolia Restaurant

Dine in our bright and beautiful poolside restaurant in Quinta do Lago, where strawberry bonbon banquettes and colourful artworks are illuminated by the skylight above.

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Pool Bar

Outside, enjoy refreshing drinks at the pool bar, where you are invited to sit back and soak in the never-ending summer feeling of The Magnolia Hotel Quinta do Lago

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From spectacular weddings to feel-good parties, celebrate with your loved ones in the stunning spaces of The Magnolia Hotel in Quinta do Lago

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