SleepHub Natural Sleeping Aid at The Magnolia Hotel

Restore your natural sleep patterns

Here at The Magnolia Hotel, we care about every detail of your stay with us. That’s why we’ve installed a SleepHub® in our standard + rooms and suites to help you get the best quality sleep possible. 
You can also play your own music through the high-quality audio speakers by connecting your Bluetooth devices to SleepHub® 
Select one of the below options to get started with your SleepHub® 

Get started - How to use SleepHub®  

When you’re ready to go to sleep, follow this step by step guide to begin your chosen sleep programme.

1.    Tap the screen to wake up the SleepHub®

2.    Select the main menu by tapping the cog icon.

Your SleepHub is ready to use straight away. Just follow the steps below to begin your sleep programme:
a) decide if you want to wake up to an alarm. If not, just tap the 'play' button when you are ready to go to sleep and your sleep programme will begin
b) to set an alarm:
•   tap the alarm clock icon and select your wake up time, then tap 'OK' to confirm
•  tap next to the alarm clock icon to activate your alarm
•  tap the 'play' button when you are ready to go to sleep and your sleep programme will begin
If you want to personalise your settings, here's more information on what to do:

3.    Choose an optional soundscape

From the main menu, you can choose an optional soundscape to play alongside the all-important ‘Sleep Sound’. Choose from:

4.    Choose your sleeping mode

5.    Set your alarm or turn the alarm sound off

•    If you are using Deep Sleep the alarm is pre-programed to sound 8 hours after beginning the programme.

•    If you would prefer to choose your own time to wake up, we recommend choosing the ‘Easy Sleep’ or ‘Fall Asleep’ programmes, and setting your chosen alarm time from there.

•    If you would prefer no alarm sound in any of the modes, please go to the volume menu and turn the alarm volume to ‘0’

•    You can choose your favourite alarm sound in the alarm menu, or use the default one already selected.

6.    Start your chosen sleep programme

•    When you are ready to go to sleep, come out of the main menu and select ‘Slide to sleep’ and press the ‘play’ button to start your chosen sleep programme.
•    Your chosen sleep mode will begin.

•    You will hear the low frequency ‘sleep sound’, which sounds like a hum. This sound is what will help you fall asleep and be effective at guiding your brain through complete sleep cycles in the correct sequence.  If you have selected a soundscape you will hear this in conjunction with the Sleepsound.

•    Volume tips: 
The ‘sleep sound’ volume should be set at a low volume so it can be heard faintly, but clearly.
We recommend the below settings as a good starting point, but feel free to adjust too your personal preference: 
Master volume: 45 - 50
Sleep Sound volume: 55
Soundscape volume: 50
Alarm volume: 50
Balance: 0 (This will distribute the sound evenly between the left and right speaker)

Learn more about SleepHub®   
SleepHub® is a simple and easy way to improve your sleep quality.
Low-frequency sound waves to help you fall asleep and guide you through natural sleep cycles.
Backed by 10+ years of scientific research and development.
“Absolute game changer” - Max Evans
 You can also play your own music through SleepHub® via Bluetooth

What is SleepHub®? 
SleepHub® is a sleep device which uses exclusive sound technology and neuroscience to aid falling asleep and improve sleep quality.
Positioned beside you as you sleep, SleepHub’s® high-quality audio speakers play low-frequency pure tones that we call ‘Sleep Sounds’. Exclusive to SleepHub®, ‘Sleep Sounds’ emulate the waves created by the brain during natural sleep cycles to help you fall asleep and improve your quality of sleep. SleepHub® will guide you through natural sleep cycles to promote healthy and quality sleep. 
Not to be confused with ever-popular white noise sound machines and apps, SleepHub® is the culmination of 10+ years of scientific research and development by a UK-based collective of doctors and scientists - Cambridge Sleep Sciences Ltd. 
Find out more at 

Who should use SleepHub®? 
SleepHub® has been created by scientists for people who; 
•   Want to improve their sleep 
•   Suffer with sleep problems and want to find a way back to better sleep 
•   Already sleep well but want to improve their sleep further to optimise their performance and recovery, in particular athletes and sports people. 

Find out more about the benefits of  SleepHub® on their website 

What people say about SleepHub®   
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FAQs & support

Which Sleeping Mode should I use?

• Deep Sleep: An 8 hour programme including an 18 minute wake-up cycle and fixed alarm time. Ideal if you have a regular schedule which allows for an undisturbed 8 hour rest period 

• Easy Sleep: An alternative to Deep Sleep for when you only have a set amount of time to sleep. Easy Sleep takes you through the optimum sleep pattern for the time period up to your alarm - which can be between 2 - 8 hours from beginning the programme 

• Fall Asleep: This 2 hour programme guides you into deep sleep. Ideal if you struggle to fall asleep but remain asleep, once you do. You can set an optional wake-up alarm for a time of your choice 

• Power Nap: A choice of 30, 45 and 60 minute programmes, with optional wake-up alarm. Ideal if you need an energising nap 

Please note if you’d prefer no alarm sound, you can set the alarm volume to 0 before beginning a sleep programme.

How do I set the alarm on my SleepHub®?

SleepHub® has both automatic and manual alarm settings, depending on the sleep mode that you choose to use. 

Pre-programmed alarm times:
In Deep Sleep and Power Nap modes, the alarm will automatically sound at the end of the respective sleep programme as follows; 

Deep Sleep mode: The alarm is programmed to sound after 7 hours, 40 minutes after beginning the programme. This is our recommended programme for achieving optimal sleep cycles.

Power nap mode: 30, 45 or 60 minutes after beginning the programme, depending on which option you choose.

Selecting an alarm time of your choice: 
Easy sleep and Fall asleep modes allow you to set the alarm for a time of your choice. 

If you would prefer for the alarm not to sound in any of the sleep modes, slide the alarm volume control down to 0 before you start the programme.

Can I play music through SleepHub®?
Yes. Using Bluetooth, you can connect your smartphone or other Bluetooth enabled device to SleepHub® to play your own music through the speakers.

Can SleepHub® be used by more than one person at the same time?
You and your partner or room mate can both use SleepHub® at the same time but you will need to go to bed at the same time and use the same sleep programme. Results may vary for each user.

Can children use SleepHub®?
SleepHub® has been developed to support adults in restoring their natural sleep cycles that may have been disrupted and forgotten over time.
Babies, children and teenagers have very different sleep patterns to an adult. Adult sleeping patterns generally settle in very late teens to early twenties. Therefore, we recommend that SleepHub® is only used by adults.

Where can I buy a SleepHub®?
Visit, you can use The Magnolia Hotel discount code ‘Magnolia10’ for 10% off.

Safety Advice 

Please read, follow and save these instructions to reduce the risk of damage or injury: 

1. Warning: This product contains magnets which may be harmful to pacemaker wearers. 
2. Do not use your SleepHub® if any part of the product, including power and audio cables show any sign of damage. 
3. To reduce the risk of an electric shock, do not open any part of your SleepHub™ product, including power adaptor. 
4. Only use the power adapter supplied. Do not use the product, if the adapter or any of the other part of the product appear damaged. 
5. Power socket and power adaptor should be located near the SleepHub and easily accessible at all times 6. The product does not have an on/off switch. Switch off at the wall socket and/or remove the plug. 
7. Do not expose the product to moisture or water. 
8. Do not use SleepHub® in a bathroom, near a bathtub, washbowl, kitchen sink, laundry area, near a swimming pool, or anywhere else where water or moisture are present.  
9. Do not use your SleepHub® if any part of the product, including power and audio cables, show any sign of water damage, or are wet. 
10. Do not place any part of the product, including power and audio cables, near any source of ignition or naked flame. 
11. Do not cover Main Console unit during use, as this may lead to overheating and a potential fire hazard. 
12. Do not make any alterations to the product as this may compromise safety, regulatory compliance, system performance and may void your rights to have the product repaired or replaced. 
13. Only use your SleepHub® indoors in a clean and dry environment. 
14. Do not cover or block the Speaker vents during use to ensure premium performance. 
15. This product is not a toy and is not suitable for use in areas where children are playing or frequently present.

A lightning flash in a triangle symbol is to warn the user of uninsulated dangerous voltage, within the product enclosure, that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock 
An exclamation in a triangle symbol is to warn the user of important operating and maintenance instruction 
A water drop in a barred circle symbol is to warn the user of a potential risk of water damage to the product, and electrical shock 
A flame in a triangle symbol is to warn the user of a potential risk of fire hazard